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Antique Gypsy Ring

Antique Gypsy Ring


antique gypsy ring

The antique gypsy ring design in coming back into style, its classical look has spanned many decades and it timeless in fashion. Antique gypsy ring primary design is a ring made of silver or gold that looks like it has about 10 or 12 little fingers coming up from it. These fingers are what hold the gem in the antique gypsy ring. The term Antique Gypsy Ring refers to a type of ring setting.

antique gypsy rings

Antique Gypsy rings have been around for hundreds of years. The antique gypsy ring stone setting was said to allow the gypsies an easy way to mount the gems that they found in their travels. The antique gypsy ring setting is defined as being one continuous piece of metal that gets thicker at the top, this continuous metal setting gives the gypsy ring is distinctive look. The top is dome shaped and the stone is inserted in the middle. There are no prongs, making the shape smooth and clean. The Gypsy setting is predominantly used for men’s jewelry and typically secures cabochons.

antique ring

 Antique gypsy rings usually contain cabochons that are defined as a stone with a smooth carved surface, domed and unfaceted with a flat base. The Edwardian period, defined as the period from 1901 to 1910 when King Edward VII ruled Britain, is known as the gilded age. It was a time when Industrialization and mass production brought a new found wealth to many people.

antique rings

Gypsy rings where not just worn by gypsies but by nobles too. King Edward VII was known as an elegant, stylish dresser and soon began to be mimicked by his wealthy followers. Suddenly, cuff links donning large colored stones were seen adorning sleeves, matching the colors of the shirts being worn. Men were seen with fancy medals and charms attached to their watch fobs. And, Gypsy rings set with sapphires, diamonds and other cabochons were seen adorning the fingers of these wealthy gentlemen.

Gypsy rings were not just worn by women the men in this era were just as bejeweled as their female counterparts. The gypsy ring setting has been used throughout the 20th century. The gypsy setting is not only limited to men’s rings though. There are many antique gypsy rings to be found on the internet that are fashioned for women. Although the stones are typically smaller in size, the gypsy ring setting showcases large gemstones quite nicely.

The term “gypsy ring setting” seems to have become a generic term for any type of ring with a large stone and a continuous band. Antique gypsy rings are found in many styles and materials and from the many different eras of jewelry design. So, whether you’re looking for a retro design or the more lavish designs of the Edwardian era, Antique Gypsy Rings are a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection.