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Shopping for antiques is unlike traditional shopping. The first difference is that most antiques you find will not be placed in order on the shelf with two to three more of its kind right behind it.

The term shopping for antiques is more akin to the description of rummaging or searching. This sort of searching for the lost treasure bug is more addictive than the “Lets go to the store”, making the quest for finding the perfect treasure sometimes more enjoyable and exciting than the item itself.

The quest for finding your next perfect addition to your collection can often times be an enjoyable experience. This adventure in searching for your next addition can introduce you to people, places and experiences that you would have never taken in if you had not been on a collector’s mission. Some times the story behind how you acquired an item is just as interesting as the history of the item.

Because of the rare occurrence of you stumbling across your perfect antique treasure, the thought of whether to purchase or not must be made before you leave the presence of your treasure. The simple facts are that if this treasure is rare, will you ever happen across another that is in better condition or a better price? These are quick and decisive decisions all collectors of antiques must make each and every time they review a specimen that they are interested in acquiring for their collection.

As you build your own collection and it grows, you also grow with it. The more pieces you have in your collection, the more information and experience you will have in judging the next pieces to add to you collection. After you have acquired the first initial pieces, you will generally have a good idea on what each item is worth and in what condition its in. This information will help you to make the decision on whether or not the current piece you are examining is worth adding to you collection.